dazl: DA client library for Python

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You will need Python 3.6 or later and a Digital Asset ledger implementation (DA Sandbox or DA Ledger Server). dazl additionally requires the following libraries to be installed:

  • grpcio, version 1.18.0 or later

  • PyYAML

  • semver

Getting Started

This section assumes that you already have a running ledger with a DAML model loaded.

Connect to the ledger and submit a single command:

with dazl.simple_client('http://localhost:7600', 'Alice') as client:
    client.submit_create('Alice', 'My.Template', { someField: 'someText' })

Connect to the ledger as a single party, print all contracts, and close:

with dazl.simple_client('http://localhost:7600', 'Alice') as client:
    # wait for the ACS to be fully read
    contract_dict = client.find_active('*')

Connect to the ledger as multiple parties:

network = dazl.Network()

alice = network.simple_party('Alice')
bob = network.simple_party('Bob')

def set_up(event):
    currency_cid, _ = await event.acs_find_one('My.Currency', {"currency": "USD"})
    return dazl.create('SomethingOf.Value', {
        'amount': 100,
        'currency': currency_cid,
        'from': 'Accept',
        'to': 'Bob' })

def on_something_of_value(event):
    return dazl.exercise(event.cid, 'Accept', { 'message': 'Thanks!' })